Exergen Gears Up For Severe Cold and Flu Season

| January 16, 2018

#1 Thermometer Company Responds to Severity of 2017 – 2018 Flu Season

As Australia’s flu season predicted earlier this year, North America is beginning to see the effects of a high intense flu season. The main flu strain for 2017-18 is known as the H3N2 virus, and is more deadly than the swine flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this year’s flu season is severe, with more outbreaks in greater regions of the country than have been reported in the last seven years. The CDC also reports the flu is in widespread conditions in 46 states, including California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia, as of December 30, 2017. The main demographic affected are children five to nine years old and adults over 80 years old.

As the United States heads into peak flu season in February, Exergen Corporation, the United States-based manufacturer of the TemporalScanner thermometer, will have a full inventory of consumer and professional models available for purchase at major retailers, and in hospitals and medical settings, beginning now. Learn how to effectively use our thermometers during the flu season on our Beat Flu Season with Exergen Thermometer page.

“It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of influenza. The primary symptom that differentiates a cold versus the flu is a fever and the only way to determine that is with an accurate thermometer,” said Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation, and Affiliate Professor at Northeastern University Bouve College of health Sciences School of Nursing. “This is especially the case when young children and the elderly are at risk.” For an in-depth look at how to tell the difference, see our page on Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Exergen’s noninvasive TemporalScanner is the number one preferred thermometer by both nurses and pediatricians, and is backed by more than 70 clinical studies proving its accuracy across all ages from preterm infants and babies to adults and geriatric patients.

“As the only supplier of thermometers made in the United States, we take responsibility for providing consumers, hospitals and clinics with the thermometers they need in advance of this year’s threatening cold and flu season,” said Francesco Pompei, Ph.D., CEO of Exergen Corporation. “It’s important that Americans have easy access to a thermometer they can rely on and trust in a time of need. We have served in this role many, many times, including during the SARS and H1N1 outbreaks.”

For more information on available models of the TemporalScanners and list of retailers, visit www.exergen.com.

Exergen Gears Up for Severe Cold and Flu Season

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