SafetyScan Caps

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Exergen SafetyScan Caps

Methods of Cleaning and Disinfecting:

Unlike most other thermometers, the Exergen TemporalScanner does not come into contact with mucous membranes, and as such, the following options are available against the risk of cross-contamination when using the instrument between patients. SafetyScan Caps may be cleaned and disinfected with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

SafetyScan Caps

(can be used once and discarded, or reused on the same patient) are available for all the levels of cross-contamination protection should they be preferred for certain patient populations. SafetyScan Caps should not be re-used if they are chipped or cracked.

Use Exergen SafetyScan Caps for Accurate Fever Screening

Use Exergen SafetyScan Caps for Accurate Fever Screening

Compare the temperature reading to circadian correction chart at right for the local time. If temperature is above the fever temperature, the scanned person has a fever.

Information in this chart was obtained from a multi-year study with more than 90,000 temperatures collected using Exergen temporal artery thermometers at a leading U.S. medical center.2 Values are average patient temperature plus 2 standard deviations, stratified by time. In the study, the across-day average plus 2 standard deviations was 100.4°F (38.0°C), matching the traditional fever definition.


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