How to Use a Temporal Artery Thermometer

How to Use a Temporal Artery Forehead Thermometer

How do temporal thermometers work? When you use Exergen temporal artery thermometers (TAT), you get the best technology for highly accurate temperature readings.

Using Temporal Thermometers (Step-By-Step Guide)

Exergen forehead thermometers are designed for home use, providing families with an easy, accurate, and safe method to get accurate temperature readings with a scan of the forehead. Here are instructions on how to use a forehead thermometer to get accurate temperature readings.


  1. ​Place the temporal thermometer probe on the center of the forehead touching the skin. Then, depress the button & keep it depressed until temp is complete. This step is important in understanding how to use the forehead thermometer correctly.
  2. Slide the probe in a straight line across the forehead to the hairline. If you curve down the side of the face, you will miss scanning the temporal artery. It’s also important to note, when learning how to use an Exergen thermometer, you should locate and scan the side of the head that is most exposed. Any covering, hair, hat, or pillow would cause the reading to be inaccurate.
  3. Touch the soft depression behind the ear. This method is part of how to take temporal temp accurately.
  4. Remove the temporal thermometer from the head. Then, read & record the temperature. Following these steps ensures you know how do you use a forehead thermometer effectively.

Exergen's Advanced Technology: How It Works


How does Exergen’s advanced technology work? Our temporal thermometers use advanced infrared technology for ease of use and accurate measurements.

Patented Technology

To develop the caliber thermometer that we wanted, we needed a technology that didn't exist. So we invented our own. We created ten different patented technologies tested in more than 70 medical trials as part of the Temporal Artery Thermometers used today.

Core Temperature Readings

A special artery, the Temporal Artery, runs directly from your heart to your forehead, naturally emitting the body’s core temperature. Because it reads the blood flowing from your heart, the Temporal Artery reading is considered the best way to determine body temperature.

Our Arterial Heat Balance System

We created and patented the Arterial Heat Balance system. When you use our temporal thermometers, this system ensures every reading is fully accurate by mathematically accounting for ambient temperatures and the cooling effect of the scanner.

More Readings Per Second

Another key part of getting an accurate read is our scanner doesn’t take just one measurement. Our scanners take 1,000 readings per second to ensure you get the right reading.

Do you have more questions on how to use smart glow Exergen temporal scanner? Download our product manual here for additional instructions and directions on how to use the temporal thermometer. For instructional videos and information, please visit our Video Library.

For instructional videos and information such as as how to change the battery, please visit our Video Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions regarding Exergen forehead thermometers. Read our FAQ.

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