Exergen Reminds Consumers About the Importance of an Accurate Temperature Reading as a Critical Health Indicator During Cold and Flu Season

  The most accurate thermometer on the market, used and trusted by the top hospitals across the U.S., is available through and select retailers nationwide WATERTOWN, Mass., Dec. 11, 2023 – Exergen, a leading manufacturer of thermometers and maker of the most accurate thermometer on the market, reminds consumers to be proactive about their […]

A parent using the Exergen TemporalScanner on a child.

Identifying Fever Signs in Children: A Comprehensive Guide

Nurses are on the frontline of patient care, always vigilant for fever signs, and it’s always been the mission of Exergen – creators of the Exergen Temporal Scanner – to support their work and help make their jobs easier and more effective. More than a billion temperatures are taken a year and every nurse needs […]

A hand holding the Exergen TAT-2000C Temporal Artery Thermometer

Cold vs Flu Symptoms & Fever Detection

The Flu Almost Always Brings a Fever According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza-like illness activity, including cold or flu symptoms, is now widespread in 48 states, making this the worst flu season since 2003. From 2010 to 2019, the annual death rate from the flu increased from approximately 12,000 deaths […]

Doctor examining black patient wearing protective face mask in hospital

Critical Error in Bhavani Paper Puts Black Patients at Risk – Incorrectly States Temporal Artery Thermometers Miss Fevers in Black Patients When In Fact Oral/Rectal Thermometers Miss Fevers

Exergen Will Replace Inaccurate Oral/Rectal Thermometers in Healthcare Facilities  The newly published Bhavani paper [1] contains an egregious error that puts Black people at risk, incorrectly stating that temporal artery thermometers miss fevers in Black patients. A subsequently published JAMA study from Pompei et al [2] rebuts the Bhavani findings and proves that oral/rectal thermometers, […]

Exergen Congratulates Boston Children’s Hospital

U.S. New and World Report Names Boston Children’s Hospital #1 Pediatric Hospital for Ninth Straight Year    U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in hospital rankings, has announced the results of its 2022-2023 Best Children’s Hospitals. Now in its 16th year, the annual hospital rankings are designed to help families find the best medical care […]

Editorial – Clinicum magazine – Switzerland on Innovation in thermometry: Taking temperatures using the temporal artery

Exergen has developed an highly advanced and innovative way of taking a patient’s temperature using non-invasive infrared technology that is highly beneficial for productivity. Let’s take a moment to consider this question before diving into innovations in clinical thermometry: do thermometers that measure the blood temperature in the temporal artery have anything to do with […]

Temporal Artery Thermometers are intended to change the way the world takes temperature

The global thermometer market will almost quadruple from 2020 to 2026. The CAGR worldwide is 6.5%. India is growing at a rate of more than 10% per year. Factors that determine the market include regulations and expanding thermometry usage in areas that had not previously used thermometers, like airports, restaurants, businesses, and shopping malls. Shahid […]

Exergen enters into collaboration with ECOMED in Australia and New Zealand

Signs marketing and distribution agreement with ECOMED for full line of professional non-invasive high-tech thermometers for hospitals and healthcare institutions Exergen Corporation, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, announced today that it has signed a marketing and distribution contract with ECOMED to market the professional series Temporal Artery Thermometers in […]


Numerous Nursing Textbooks Underscore Exergen’s Vital Role in Professional Health Care Community

The Only Thermometer Brand Used in Healthcare Available to Consumers  Exergen has long been established as the only accurate medical thermometer used in a wide spectrum of healthcare settings, including home use, so it’s no surprise that it has also been part of the nursing profession’s educational curriculum for 20 years. Published textbooks from 2022 […]

FDA Posts Draft Transition Plan For Medical Devices That Fall Within Enforcement Policies Issued During The Covid 19 Public Health Emergency

Exergen calls on FDA to recall and prevent future sale of non-contact infrared thermometers whose inaccuracy is a danger to the public health The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given public access to its draft guidance entitled “Transition Plan for Medical Devices That Fall Within Enforcement Policies Issued During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public […]

FDA Study Proves Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers (NCITs) are an Unreliable Temperature Screening Tool

FDA study highlights misleading labeling by NCIT manufacturers Since the start of the pandemic, non-contact infrared thermometers (NCITs) have become the primary tool used in public temperature screenings, even though extensive scientific research has proven that they do not produce reliable or accurate temperature readings. Now, an important new study[1] published by the FDA adds […]

Government of India Has Granted Metrology Certificates to Exergen

Exergen Corporation, the global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, is pleased to announce that the Government of India has granted Metrology Certificates to Exergen Corp. for its full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers (TAT) for both professional and at-home use. “Receiving Metrology Certificates for the TAT-5000, the TAT-5000S, the TAT-2000 and […]

US FDA Clinical Study Proves Non-Contact Thermometers Fail To Meet Accuracy Specifications

Exergen: FDA Study Reveals Misleading Labeling by NCIT Manufacturers Regarding Accuracy Since the start of the pandemic, non-contact infrared thermometers (NCITs) have been widely used as a screening method for fever detection in healthcare and public settings, as fever is a leading sign of Covid. Now, a new FDA published study1 demonstrates their failure to […]

Exergen signs Sidem SpA as distributor for full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers in Italy

Exergen Corporation, the global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, is excited to announce that Exergen and Sidem SpA have signed an agreement for the sales and distribution in Italy of the full line of Temporal Artery Thermometers for medical and at-home use. “Sidem SpA is based near Milan. We are a […]

TemporalScanner, Now Backed By More Than 100 Clinical Studies, Sets Milestone For Proven Accuracy

TemporalScanner Sets Milestone For Proven Accuracy The Only Thermometer with Deep Body of Peer-Reviewed, Published Studies Supporting Accuracy, Non-Invasiveness Across All Healthcare Settings Since Exergen Corporation introduced its TemporalScanner more than 20 years ago, the thermometer has received unmatched support from the medical community for its accuracy, non-invasiveness, convenience, and reliability. Exergen, a U.S. company […]