University Medical Centre Groningen Chooses TAT-5000 of Exergen Medical as Standard Thermometer Throughout The Hospital

| November 2, 2018

University Medical Centre Groningen has decided to standardize on the TAT-5000 thermometer of Exergen Medical. The well-known university hospital – based in Groningen, The Netherlands – will buy several hundreds of the ‘temporal scanner’ from the Dutch distributor, Van Vliet Medical Products.

Accurate and non-invasive The TAT-5000 has many advantages over more traditional methods of determining a patient’s body temperature:
• highly accurate temperature measurement
• fast, safe and comfortable for the patient
• quick and easy to use for both doctors and nurses
• low costs, resulting in an average payback period of less than 1 year
• the TAT-5000 is durable and can be used without throw-away sensor caps to avoid unnecessary waste and costs
• due to its industrial design, the TAT-5000 is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee
• the housing of the thermometer is resistant to aggressive disinfectants
• the TAT-5000 is supports more than 70 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies

Research Jan Bos, special consultant Medical Tooling at the University Medical Centre Groningen explains: “Comparative scientific research shows that the Exergen TAT-5000 offers a very reliable and accurate method of measuring body temperature. Because the thermometer displays the core temperature and is very accurate due to a 2-point measurement, the thermometer shows a constant realistic temperature. A research project carried out on behalf of the UMCG by a student of the Human Technology study programme of Hanze University showed that the use of this thermometer by nurses was very comfortable in using the new thermometer”.

“Both doctors and nurses find the TAT-5000 thermometer easy to use. They have confidence in this thermometer”, adds Theo Huigen, director of Van Vliet Medical Products. Durable “A non-invasive thermometer is ideal for patients,” says Dr. Marybeth Pompei, Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation.

“The TAT-5000 is comfortable and very accurate. In addition, the use of the TAT-5000 is in line with hospitals’ efforts to make them more sustainable. Since the TAT-5000 does not require the use of disposable caps to protect the measuring sensor there is no unnecessary waste. This is a very important advantage for both the University Medical Centre Groningen and Exergen Medical.”


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