Exergen Opens New Manufacturing Site in Methuen, Massachusetts (USA)

| February 19, 2021

Drastically Increases Manufacturing Capacity to Meet the Huge Demand for Temporal Artery Thermometers

Exergen, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, today announced that its a new manufacturing plant in Methuen, Massachusetts is now officially on-line. The new plant increases manufacturing capacity more than fourfold for Exergen’s Temporal Artery Thermometer product lines.

Two-Step Program

“Even before the pandemic, Exergen Corporation saw very strong demand for our Temporal Artery Thermometer {TAT) product lines because of our global rollout”, says Dr. Frank Pompei, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Exergen. “Then COVID-19 hit and as a consequence, the demand for our highly innovative thermometers exploded. To be able to meet that huge demand we designed a two-step program to drastically increase our manufacturing capacity”.

  •  Optimize existing capacity – “As soon as COVID-19 hit and in line with US government policies Exergen decided to reorganize its manufacturing by shifting capacity previously used for industrial products to our medical business”, says Dr. Pompei. “That proved to be an excellent short-term solution. But it was also obvious that more was needed”.
  • Build new manufacturing plant – “So during the summer of 2020 we obtained a new manufacturing site in Methuen, Massachusetts”, says Dr. Pompei. “This new 58,000 square feet {5500 square meters) the facility is now on-line, increasing manufacturing capacity more than fourfold”

“This is extremely good news for our international customers and distributors”, says Ellen Minkels, Exergen’s Director Global Business Development. “Because the drastic increase in manufacturing capacity makes it possible for Exergen to not only serve hospitals worldwide even better, but we are now also able to make good on our commitment to give every nurse access to the most accurate and easy to use thermometer available: the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer”.

Highly Accurate, Non-Invasive

The TAT-5000, TAT-2000, and TAT-2000C are based on a very innovative infrared technology. They offer many advantages over more traditional methods of determining a patient’s body temperature:

  •       highly accurate temperature measurement
  •       fast, safe, and comfortable for the patient or consumer
  •       quick and easy to use for both doctors and nurses and at-home users
  •       low costs, resulting in an average payback period for the TAT-5000 and TAT-2000 of less than 1 year
  •       the TAT-5000 is very durable and can be used without throw-away sensor caps to avoid unnecessary waste and costs
  •       due to its industrial design, the TAT-5000 is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee
  •       the housing of the thermometer is resistant to aggressive disinfectants
  •       the technology on which these thermometers are based are supported by more than 87 peer-reviewed and published clinical studies
  •       the TAT-2000C offers at-home users the same accuracy, speed, and reliability as the TAT-5000 and TAT- 2000 for use in hospitals – at a very attractive retail price


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