How Clean & Care For Your Exergen Forehead Thermometer

How Clean Your Exergen Thermometer

Having a clean thermometer will ensure your temperature readings are accurate, and your instrument is functioning properly. How can you care for your Exergen temporal artery thermometer? Keep reading to learn more about how to clean your thermometer to get reliable and accurate results.

Cleaning the Case

The case of your Exergen temporal artery thermometer can be wiped down using a cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol. The industrial grade housing and design of the electronic components allow for completely safe cleaning with 70% isopropyl alcohol. However, the thermometer should not be immersed in fluid or autoclaved. 

Cleaning the Sensor Lens

One of the main reasons for unusually low temperature readings is from having a dirty sensor lens! Maintaining a clean lens is crucially important to the accuracy of your Exergen forehead thermometer. 

With normal use, the only maintenance required is to keep the lens on the end of the probe clean. It is made of special mirror-like, silicon infrared transmitting material. However, dirt, greasy films or moisture on the lens will interfere with the passage of infrared heat which will affect the accuracy of the temporal thermometer


It is recommended that you clean the sensor lens every 2 weeks. To clean the lens, with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol in accordance with the instruction label on the Exergen thermometer. Use only light force when cleaning, so you avoid putting too much pressure and damage the lens. Water can be used to remove any residual film left by the alcohol. You should not use bleach or other cleaning solutions on the sensor lens.

Storing Your Thermometer

When storing or transporting your Exergen thermometer, make sure it is stored away in a clean, dry place, where it will not become excessively cold or hot. Consider the humidity of the room or area of the home you plan to store your thermometer. All of these factors can affect the accuracy of your temperature readings.

In Closing, Cleaning Exergen Thermometers

Cleaning your Exergen TA thermometer will ensure your temperature readings are accurate. Be sure that you regularly clean your thermometer every 2 weeks, for accurate readings. 

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